The MYOB Advanced platform is specifically geared for ambitious businesses that have a number of departments to oversee at any given time. While smaller operations will be happy with a consolidated software framework, others need stronger capabilities as they adhere to key commercial regulations and specific targets.

The issue that many managers and owners have with these software brands is the sheer volume of choice. What is supposed to be the option of choice?

MYOB has the answer through their Advanced package, offering participants a number of strategic benefits for their enterprise.

1) Remote Access Any Time

Larger organisations that have a number of employees on hand recognise that everyone cannot be in the same location at any given time. This is where businesses need a dynamic software design that affords remote access protocols. Enter the MYOB Advanced platform, offering users the chance to login from anywhere at any time as they oversee their official duties in the process. By offering access on-the-go, it is easier for department officials to plan and execute their tasks despite changing demands. 

2) Covering Compliance Requirements

The good news for clients that invest in the MYOB Advanced platform is that they are covered for their tax compliance requirements, something that can leave the enterprise vulnerable if they do not undertake their due diligence. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) requires every enterprise to complete their returns and to offer transparent information regarding the brand’s finances every cycle. Rather than having to remember with analog systems, this is a chance to deliver all of the relevant details on the spot.

3) Enhanced Security Protocols

MYOB advanced

Opting for the Advanced package through MYOB is a wise strategy for clients that want to protect their data. Thanks to the integration of cloud-based computing and storage capabilities, participants have a thriving system that encrypts information and ensures that only authorised parties have access. Given the risks that are involved for businesses in this space with the threat of compromised data, it pays to have a framework that offers safeguards and assurances, preventing a catastrophe before it begins.

4) Automation Delivering Improved Time Management Targets

The capacity to streamline areas like purchasing and sales to inventory management and analytics ensures that the business is not stretched for time. Attempting to fit all of these exercises into the schedule is demanding, but there will be the MYOB Advanced platform to fast track these requirements. If there are managers and owners who are struggling to find enough hours in the day, then it is beneficial to switch to a system that automates these activities.

5) Scaling The Package to Suit The Client’s Needs

Participants that tap into the MYOB Advanced platform don’t have to accept a one-size-fits-all dynamic. In this context, they have the ability to include and exclude features at their own convenience, delivering a package that facilitates corporate growth and ensures consistency with ambitious businesses. If there is a desire to scale the software design and work with a versatile framework, this will be the option of choice.

6) Comprehensive Customer Service Support

It can take some time to adapt to the MYOB Advanced platform, especially for participants that are new to the Suite. Yet it is the support of the customer service team that makes the transition easy for members. By investing in this package, the business has a chance to lean on the resources of these operators, improving their knowledge of the system and bringing everyone in the enterprise up to speed with the right practices and protocols. It is another reason why the MYOB Advanced platform is the option of choice for organisations.