The skills that define a great marketing expert has shifted over time. At one point in time, search engine optimisers could get by once they included enough keywords and links to satisfy Google’s generic algorithm model. Today that dynamic is far more fluid and includes a great amount of qualitative data that can be difficult to understand.


Social media is one of those facets that emerged during the late 2000s. Facebook’s burst onto the scene would pave the way for Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ to become permanent members of a platform that online marketing experts could no longer ignore.


So what aspects do SEO and social media share in common exactly? Here we will discuss the comparative features that link the two domains.

Multimedia Integration


Search engines and social media accounts both require multimedia to drive engagement numbers up. Video and images are hot button items that brands utilise to ensure that consumers not only locate their pages, but they remain for an extended period of time. This helps to improve chances of a call to action (CTA) moment.

All About Brand Awareness


Having multiple avenues where your brand is mentioned is the practical explanation for what is coined “brand awareness.” Consumers need to recognise your logo and the messaging that accompanies what your service or product provides as value in the market. SEO operators and social media experts alike share that common link by pushing and plugging their agenda at every avenue, all through selective pieces of content that are carefully garnered towards a specific outcome.

Ranking Items


What should be made evident for brands looking to squeeze every inch of their capacity to be visible online is that social media accounts are ranked off their own accord. Therefore a brand’s own Facebook page, their Instagram and Twitter account is a domain that fosters its own community where consumers can find them on Google. Place this alongside the strengths of a website where the branding is also evident, and this is a means of compounding an asset that is already in play.

Backlink Building


The capacity to develop a network and seek co-branding opportunities is a commonality that SEO professionals and social media engineers share. Whilst posting off your own accord is a given, the strength of outsourcing some of this heavy lifting to boost numbers and enhance your metrics organically is an asset that is hard to quantify. Optimisers attempt to achieve these backlinks through guest blogging initiatives and peer-to-peer promotion campaigns, whilst social media programmers will have an established pattern of promoting and sharing each other’s messaging.