Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an exercise that requires a great degree of research, diligence and execution. Many organisations will therefore take one of two options – outsourcing or running an internal division. Each choice arrives with its own unique challenges, yet there is a clear option that you will be faced with.


The short-term gain will arrive with opting for external help in SEO. It will provide an immediate boost that can run for a few months and offer an injection of traffic. The long-term choice is to run SEO internally as it gives your brand a credibility and understanding of the demands that are inherent in your enterprise.


Here we will argue the case for choosing the latter.

Connections To Other Departments


Experts have often made the case in recent years that SEO should not and does act operate in a silo. Optimising your web presence is not an aspect that can entirely be executed off its own accord as there is branding, messaging and content considerations that overlap with other departments in a business. By running an in-house project where staff members have regular relationships and networks to these teams, that process can be more efficient than the outsourcing alternative.

Flexibility In Switching Strategies


With daily algorithm alterations and changing consumer habits making SEO an evolving beast, it is worthwhile having regular staff on hand who can embrace change on the go. Updates will have to be made consistently and outsourcing these duties will require a great amount of external communication that can otherwise be avoided.

Long-Term Investment


Once you have a team of staff who are schooled and educated on the intricacies of SEO, then that is a knowledge base that becomes an asset to the company. In the short-term there will be issues as you try and bring these individuals up to speed, but as they adapt to the demands of the business environment, they will be key contributors that helps the status of your long-term future.

SEO Can Drive The Decisions


Current day thinking has established a pyramid structure whereby SEO becomes a subcategory that sits underneath the banner of digital or marketing. It is a facet that is part of a larger picture. When you craft campaigns that are reflective of the consumer base, all of a sudden you are provided with a wealth of knowledge that can transition your enterprise from being a reactive body to a proactive one. All of a sudden SEO can drive the decision-making and have a seat at the table.