With a $7 billion loss in wages due to absenteeism in the workplace from influenza, and a huge $34 billion deficit in work productivity due to presenteeism flu illness at work, corporate flu vaccination vouchers and their promotional campaigns ultimately bolster the Australian Economy. Combating the flu in the workplace not only modifies the impact of the virus on the economy, and these immunisation programs also safeguard employee health and overall staff wellbeing.

The benefits of corporate flu vaccination vouchers are perhaps being reflected in positive statistics in 2021 with no reported deaths as opposed to 36 people who died from influenza in 2020 and a declining 21, 000 approximate official cases of influenza that year down from around 214, 000 in 2019.

What Exactly are Corporate Flu Vaccination Vouchers?

Corporate flu vaccination vouchers are a protocol that the owner of a business decides to engage whereby he or she purchases vouchers in bulk for each of their individual employees to receive injection immunisation at a participating chemist or pharmacy. These vouchers allow staff members to receive vaccination without cost and because of this, workers are encouraged to become immunised against influenza. Although not mandatory, most employees choose to redeem their voucher and get an injection because they realise the impact flu can have not only on workplace productivity, but also on their and their family’s own health.

Presenteeism at work while suffering from the flu can cause the spread of the illness quite rapidly throughout the work-team, with those showing symptoms remaining infectious for up to a week. And the global push for productivity no longer recognizes taking a sick day as just an excuse for absenteeism as the flu is a proven real threat to work production and staff morale.

Corporate flu vaccination vouchers are usually part of a program to market the influenza injection to employees, especially those who are reluctant to receive immunisation despite all the evidence for its benefits. Organisations affiliated with large chains of chemists and the pharmacy industry provide access to these Corporate Vouchers online but will also bring a campaign of awareness of influenza safety to the workplace.

What is the Procedure of Corporate Flu Vaccination Vouchers?

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A program of corporate flu vaccination vouchers proceeds through the following steps:

1.  The owner or manager of a business decides he or she should ask their employees to be immunised against influenza.

2.  The owner or manager then selects a suitable organisation online to dispense the vouchers.

3. Vouchers are bought in bulk by the owner or manager.

4. Employees are given a promotional code.

5. Employees enter the promotional code online and receive a voucher for flu vaccination.

6. Employees then attend a chemist at their own convenience to receive an injection from a nurse or pharmacist.

7. The organisation monitors the number of vouchers that are redeemed.

8. The organisation then presents a report to the owner or manager of the business with data on the number of employees vaccinated.

Usually, at Step 3. the influenza vaccination organisation begins a campaign within the owner’s business promoting immunisations for all employees. Awareness of why vaccination is important if communicated throughout the workplace and employees then decide to receive an immunisation.

What is the Future of Corporate Flu Vaccination Vouchers?

Influenza during the Autumn and Winter months has had devastating effects on national health and the economy for decades. With so many world-wide threats to health and workplace productivity, it is logical to see why corporate flu vaccination vouchers are set to become a mainstay in the majority of businesses and workplaces, thus safeguarding staff members and the general population.