If you’ve ever been responsible for managing a team, then you’ll understand the importance of teamwork. Building trust and synergy amongst a team takes time and effort and doesn’t just happen on its own. If you want your team to work well together, then you need to invest in building them up. This is where corporate team building activities can help.

Corporate team building activities can range from fast, simple games right through the weekend-long corporate retreats but they all have the same aim – to help form bonds amongst team members and encourage positive working relationships.

So, if you’re trying to get the best from your team, what are some corporate team building activities you should try? Check out our recommendations below.

Scavenger hunts

Scavenger hunts are one of the most popular types of corporate team building activities out there. They’re relatively simple to put together and lots of fun. A scavenger hunt encourages team members to work together to find hidden objects and fulfill a mission. To run a scavenger hunt you should hide items and clues around your office or an area before splitting employees into smaller group and telling them to find the items. The first one to find all the items wins.

Human knot

Human knot is a fun game that you can play even in a small office space. Tell employees to all put their right arm into a circle and link up with another person. Employees have to try and get themselves untangled without unlinking their arms.

Group juggling

Group juggling is one of the most fun and simple corporate team building activities out there. Get employees to stand in circle and throw a ball from one person to another, saying the person’s name as they do. Increase the difficulty of the game by adding more balls.

Active listening

This is a great activity that encourage employees to really hear each other. Schedule a meeting and deliver a long speech, peppered with small tid-bits of information and then quiz your employees on the details at the end. You can also play this game by getting employees to relate some information about themselves, and then ask others to fill in the details.

Office trivia

some corporate team building activities

Create a trivia game out of random office facts and get employees to play in teams. The team that answers the most trivia questions correctly wins.

Two truths, one lie

Two truths, one lie is a great game for helping employees get to know each other better. Get employees together and tell them to tell two truths about themselves and one lie, the other employees must guess which two facts are truth and which is the lie.

Circle of appreciate

The circle of appreciation is a great way for employees to build each other up. Get everyone to stand in a circle and tell the person standing across from each other, or to the left of each other to say one thing they appreciate about the person they’re standing near.

Board games

Board games are also a great way to encourage teamwork. They’re great for encouraging employees to think logically and they’re easy to keep around the office.

Escape rooms

Escape rooms are popping up everywhere and they’re the perfect option for corporate team building activities. They’re a fun and exciting way to get teams to work together and provide a very memorable experience. Consider booking one for your next corporate outing or work Christmas party.

Idea workshops

Workshopping sessions are a fun way to put tools down, get together and discuss ideas for around the office.