Embarking upon a search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign is not a choice that can be made on a whim. Should you be given the green light to execute this strategy, you should be braced for a long-term commitment that will incorporate a number of facets of the business.


Given the fact this is not a quick fix solution to scoring online traffic, it is worthwhile noting some key strategies and techniques that will save you revenue in the intervening period. Third party operators can charge a handsome fee for their expertise, yet it is paramount that you take advantage of some cost saving applications that will help your bottom line.

Utilise Free Software Tools


The obvious keyword here is “free.” Of course there are paid for experts and software packages that will go the extra step should you invest hard cash, but a platform like Google will literally give you applications at a cost of $0. From the Keyworld Planner to Google Analytics and Google Alerts, there are steps you can take to optimise your campaigns without having to part with a significant amount of revenue.

Develop Partnerships and Networks


Put simply, speaking with people does not cost you money – only time. Should you have the gift of the gab or can articulate a plan where you can provide residual value for another brand or party, then put yourself out there and build an organic connection. Issue backlinks, ask for guest blogging opportunities and co-host events where you can leverage other consumer bases within the same niche.

Run Loading Speed Diagnostic


Speed is crucial to your online success. The ability to cut down that bounce rate and keep customers on your page for longer are metrics that go a long way to determining your long-term success and viability as a digital brand. Utilise the free webpage speed diagnostics on offer that will inform you of content that is slowing down your performance. This is vital information that is freely available should you seek it out.

Specify Your Niche Place


One of the fundamental floors that digital operators have the grasp is the idea that their marketing content and promotions are simply too broad for their consumers to recognise them. Undertake a keyword analysis and see where there are opportunities to score more traffic, whether that is through local identification tags or alternative services that would be seen in subcategories elsewhere.