The art form that is SEO is an evolving beast that will be slightly different each week. This setting keeps digital marketers on their toes as the accepted truth can shift from one landscape to the next, seeing the inclusion of new platforms and technologies that alter consumer habits.


What is strongly advised for brands to embrace then is the need to stay adaptable and recognise successful techniques. Here we will outline some of the most valuable that are being put in place in 2018.

Be Adaptable To Voice Search


Voice search might not be commonplace for all people across all platforms with only 20% of search being conducted in this fashion currently, but the principles that underpin voice search should be appreciated. Utilise keywords and phrases that are conversational as customers begin to rely on products such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home to source their goods. The days of the exact-matching keywords are behind us.

Value The Snippet


The search engine snippet is your shop window and chance to impress. Brands that earn these positions on Bing and Google soak up much of the traffic as they offer the key pointers for the business – name, contact details, location, website details and customer rating. It eliminates the maligned information and cuts to the chase, all elements that help your SEO endeavours.

Organic Linking Is Paramount


Many operators in the digital sphere will look to score backlinks in a haphazard fashion. They see quantity before quality and the simple fact is this dynamic has changed. To earn organic links you need to share through social channels, invite and ask for guest blogging opportunities, create valuable content and craft online partnerships that are natural and on-brand.

Offer Co-Citations For Optimisation


We have just outlined the value of developing peer networks and issuing out links from authoritative sources. This is important. However, there is a concept known as co-citations a.k.a. brand mentions where tangible links are not published, only the titles of the companies or domains that you believe will provide value to your consumer base.


Search engines like Google do not need the actual hyperlinks to therefore recognise that you have a solid grasp of the niche you are discussing. For example, a blog that discusses the latest developments and trends in smartphones will be best placed when they issue co-citations and brand mentions for Apple, Samsung and Blackberry products. Likewise for car manufacturers that list the latest news from Honda, Toyota, Holden, Ford and Volvo for example.