SEO is as complicated today as it was last year or ever before. The moment you understand what’s going on, Google throws in another update to knock you down to square one, and it’s frustrating after all the hard work to end up where you started. However, with an experienced Digital marketing agency watching your back, it’s easy to overcome challenges and grow your website in the face of everything that may pull it down.

Running your website without the guidance of an experienced digital marketing agency is like diving off a plane without a parachute. A majority of website owners take the risk of going alone and end up being in a pickle – a messy one. Similar to that one, here are six mistakes you should avoid to make your website grow in the right direction.

Creating excellent content and not pushing it enough

What’s the use of putting your heart and soul into your website when the message is not reaching your target audience? Creating good content for your website is the right thing to do but not optimising it for Google or any other search engine is a big mistake. Good content won’t take your website anywhere unless it contains the ‘right keywords’ which could be obtained by a skilled digital marketing agency through an extensive research. In case you might think, guesswork can only do so much to enrich your online presence.

Ignoring link building

Link-building is one of the crucial aspects of SEO. Ask any top Digital marketing agency, and they’ll tell you how most websites fail to make it to the top search results despite their exceptionally great content. In case you didn’t know, effective link building strategy involves procuring natural links from a website with high domain authority through guest posting. If you don’t have enough time to invest in guest post outreach, an established Digital marketing agency with strong connections in almost every blog niche can help.

Not using social media to your advantage

Fish where the fish are! You may have written the most engaging content ever, but if it doesn’t make rounds on Social Media, you’re not done as yet. When it comes to a successful social media strategy, there are several factors at play. If you opt for paid social media ads, it is essential to spread the word at the right time in the right circles. Consulting with an online digital marketing agency in this regard will take out the guesswork. As a result, you will be able to make the most of your time and dollars.

Ignoring internal linking

Internal linking is as important as external linking when it comes to user-engagement on your website. Internal linking should be done naturally to redirect the user to another landing page. Doing so will retain the user on your website for a long time. And it’s a no-brainer that maximum retention translates into a better ranking. Any digital marketing agency out there would recommend internal linking as a sure-shot practice to strengthen your online presence.

Keeping broken links on your website

Broken links present on your site do more harm than good. Not only do they hurt your ranking, but also degrade user-experience as a whole. It is essential to keep track of every piece of content on your website that links to an external source of information.


Avoiding these mistakes can help you pull out all the stops and lead your website in the right direction. Act today!