Bamboo products are everywhere these days making it one of the most popular raw materials on the market.

From health and beauty through to hospitality and even fashion, bamboo is not only versatile, it is also sustainable meaning it is in high demand across a range of sectors in the rapidly growing global economy.

Here are five great bamboo products that are now being made that you might not have known about.

  1. Straws- As business big and small steadily transfers away from single use plastic items and packaging to more environmentally friendly and sustainable products, you are going to see bamboo products popping up everywhere. One of these such places is going to be in your drink in the form of your drinking straw. Bamboo drinking straws are a great alternative to plastics with their biggest selling point being that they are biodegradable.
  2. Toilet Paper- Toilet paper has been one of the hottest selling products in the retail sector over the past year and it is remarkable that we weren’t making toilet paper from bamboo sooner. It possesses all the right qualities to fulfil our sanitary needs and doesn’t contain dyes, is safe for septic and home plumbing and is eco-friendly. But perhaps its biggest plus is that along with all its positives traits, it is also extremely cost comparative to regular toilet paper meaning you aren’t spending any extra of your hard earned bucks, but you are consciously helping save the planet.
  3. Bamboo Vinegar- Very different from regular vinegar that you might have once splashed on your greasy hot chips when you were a kid, bamboo vinegar is a new boom product in the organic health food market. It has long been used to promote digestive health in many cultures supporting bowel and liver function, as well as a natural tonic for diarrhea and upset stomachs. But its uses don’t end there. It is effective as a skin toner and hair conditioner and can be used in a range of products that fight and eliminate foot odour. In fact, its uses are almost endless making it an almost essential item for you to have stored away inside your home.
  4. Flooring- Haven’t heard of bamboo flooring before? Chances are you’ve walked on one many times and haven’t even realised it. Bamboo is hardy and durable, more so than common flooring timbers such as oak. And when it comes to renewability it leaves its rivals, well, flat on the floor. Many flooring timbers take around fifty years to completely renew, whereas bamboo is replenished to harvestability in four to six years. Along with making it more sustainable and eco-friendly, it means it comes to you, processed and ready to lay at a considerably cheaper cost that is unmatched by its rivals.
  5. Clothing- So by now you can see that bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly products on the market. And possibly there isn’t a better example of this when we start talking clothing and putting it up against its main rival cotton. Cotton farming not only requires large areas of land mass and is high maintenance, but it is also a tremendous drain on natural resources, most significantly water. But you have no such problems with bamboo which can thrive on natural rainfall alone. And its benefits when it comes to comfortability in terms of under garments and even linen, along with sweat transfer in fitness and workwear, as well as being gentle on the skin for allergy sufferers and people who react badly with other clothing products such as polyester, means it is not only unmatched by rival clothing raw materials, it is in fact, the most sought after of the modern fabrics used in retail.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet, and these are just some of the great bamboo products that are readily available on the market. So next time you shop, think about the planet, and you’ll be sure to find a bamboo product alternative.