Custom stockyards are mobile pens used on ranches to herd livestock. These ingenious inventions effectively control farm animals such as horses, sheep, and cattle. The aim is to keep them safe in a controlled environment while also being a mobile alternative. 

Custom stockyards have, over time, become an essential addition to ranches and livestock farms. These enclosures have a lot of already apparent advantages, such as livestock safety and mobility. 

However, if you’re still wondering whether you should get one or not, here are three highly recommended reasons you should get one. 

These factors are based on how custom stockyards would help improve your farms’ output and overall management efficiency. 

  • Time-Saving

The time-saving effect of using custom stockyards cannot be overemphasized. These DIY pens can be easily construct in little or no time. If we compare this to the hassle of building an enclosure, we’ll see how much time the mobile pens save. 

With proper use of this livestock handling infrastructure, you’re bound to save a lot of time. Repetitive tasks and other husbandry chores would be done with much more ease.

  • Improved Working Conditions 

Custom stockyards are an excellent infrastructure to add to your ranch or farm. They help improve the conditions in which your farm employees work. When you use these pens, you reduce the chances of any occupational hazards occurring. 

The ease of use that comes with these yards also aids your workers. A well-built mobile pen design makes the work less stressful for your workers. 

This accessible infrastructure would make it easier for less experienced staff to be incorporated into the livestock management system without much hassle.

Another factor that improved working conditions is the material the mobile pens are built of. Most professionally made custom stockyards are made from high-quality galvanized steel. This material is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. 

  • Durable Design And Room For Improvement 
cattle inside a custom stockyard

Custom stockyards are usually made from galvanized steel that is very durable. The material is rust-resistant and stands the test of time. Compared to the wood used to create regular pens, galvanized steel is far better.

With the way these mobile pens are designed, durability is assured. Flat steel sheets are designed to stay in place. Galvanized steel rods are manipulated to line the outsides of the steel sheets.

With a lot of other user-centered infrastructure added to make the design last. Subtle additions also enhance the user experience. Things like handlebars and elevated steel steps for easy accessibility. 

Another noteworthy attribute is that mobile pens can be improved to increase their containment capacity. Let’s say your livestock size has grown, and you need a larger enclosure. Instead of buying a new one, you can call on the professionals to come over and add new panels to your already existing mobile pen. 

This way, you’re saving money, and the transition process isn’t as much a hassle as having to build a new pen all over again. 

Custom stockyards are an excellent infrastructure to add to your farm. We advise that you look for the best professional designers. They have a knowledge of stock handling and will carry out the task for you. We hope this article helps you manage your livestock better.