Startup companies that are emerging on the scene have limited time to concentrate on SEO matters. From dealing with revenue issues to marketing, building a product and catering a customer service portal that will be efficient, trying to appease Google and the online market can be overwhelming.


Yet there are some key techniques that you can embrace as a startup that won’t absorb too much time or resources. By following these strategies, you can forge ahead with SEO without being bogged down in the minutiae.

Nail Your Keywords


Targeting your keywords is not as imperative as it was 3-5 years previous given recent Google algorithm changes, yet they are still key signals that will drive traffic and define your place in a niche. Run a diagnostic through the Keyword Planner software tool and identify the key group of terms you want to drive and start your campaign from that juncture.

Deliver On Google Snippet


The snippet is the domain that will inform searches and search engines alike about your viability and persona as a brand. From the name to the location, the website, contact information and user rating, this data must be completed and perfected to communicate your expertise to the market.

Be Friendly To Mobile Devices


The present and future of SEO is centered around mobile devices. Cater your formatting and content to the smartphone, from the iPhone and Samsung and Blackberry alike. Ensure that the quality of the content is not compromised and the interface is simplified to deliver a substantive user experience.

Analyse The Competition


One of the fundamentals of marketing is learning from your competition and exploiting gaps in the market. That has not changed, even though SEO is a unique practice that brands are still educating themselves on. Take cues from enterprises in your niche who are attempting their own campaigns and take stock of the positives and negatives that are emanating from them. Also check the comments and ratings left by consumers and see where you can cater to their requirements.

Develop Network of Peers


Spreading content is a difficult exercise if you are left to undertake that entire process from start to finish. One shortcut to improving this facet is to establish a network of peers by offering shared content through co-campaigns. Offer your expertise through guest blogging posts and provide incentives for consumers who buy in to each brand. By having this peer group in place, your content numbers will drastically improve.