There are a number of games that are played in the world today. Most of these games are mean to entertain the viewers and the players. Have you ever developed an interest on knowing more about the Australian football? This is a special game that is interesting to watch and play. It is commonly played in Australia hence the reason why it takes the name of the country. AFL uses the rules that are close to those that are applied in rugby game. The ball is very similar to the one that is played in rugby game. The game is played by eighteen players aside. There can be up to three substitutes that can be used to replace the injured ones or the tired ones depending on the wish of the coach in charge. For a goal to be scored, the oval ball will have to pass past a line that is within the two goal posts. Each goal has six points. The team that will win the game must score more points than the opponent. If the points are equal, then the game will be said to have ended at a draw. Each time will strive in each quarter to do better than the opponent with the aim of scoring more points than the opponent. The following are some facts that you need to know about the Australian football;

  • Scoring
  • Field of play


The aim of playing any game is to win. For the sake of this game, for a team to claim to have won the game, the team will have to score as many points as possible for it to be declared the winner. For a goal to be allowed, the oval leather ball will have to go past the two goal posts without being touched. If the ball passes between the two posts untouched successfully, the team that gets advantaged of this goal will have to be awarded six points. The number of goals scored will therefore have to be multiplied by six for the total points to be reached. The team that will have the highest number of points will be declared the winner of the game. If the total points are equal, then the game will be said to have settled for a draw. This makes the Australian football to be quite unique from other types of football that you could know.


Field of play

There are no specific sets of standard dimensions that are in place. In most cases the field of play measures around one hundred and thirty-five meters by one hundred and ten meters width. However, some fields in Australia football have been found to measure around one hundred and eighty five by one hundred and fifty five meters. On the opposite sides, you will have the two sets of goal posts that stand six point five meters aside and six meters high. This is where the ball will have to pass untouched for a goal to be counted. The goal is equivalent to six points.