There are many shoppers who ponder the question why a jade necklace sells well in New Zealand. These designs are seemingly universal and can be found around a number of providers online and offline across the globe. Why is New Zealand unique and why are they commonly found around stores in this part of the world? There are a number of answers on this front. We will explore why they are so popular here and why international tourists won’t be short on purchase options.

Strong Cultural Significance

A jade necklace sells well in New Zealand because the item is beloved and cherished by the community. In Maori culture, this is an ornament that symbolises purity, peace, status and authority. The other title that the material goes by is Pounamu, a carving that is considered a God stone amongst Maori tribes. As it is passed down through the generations, it is intended to carry their spirit along with it. It is designed to enhance the life of the person who wears it as they hold the treasure before passing it on to their next of kin.

Product Authenticity

Suppliers and designers in this region of the world are not about trading cheap materials. A jade necklace sells well in New Zealand because the product is authentically crafted from the gemstone. This is a key factor for interested buyers because the faux jade alternatives are far more vulnerable to break and become damaged. Participants in this corner of the world are not easily fooled because these designs have very particular features that outline their genuine qualities, whether that is their texture or the way that they glisten and glow with light exposure.

Prices Are Fair For Shoppers

Jade necklace New Zealand

A jade necklace sells well in New Zealand because the price point from suppliers is easily accessible. While there will be the premium options that are set beyond the $1,000 and $5,000 mark, there are brands that are displayed around the $100 figure and below. This is beneficial for domestic and international consumers that want to enjoy the benefits of the item without forking out big dollars for the privilege.

Necklace Options Are Diverse

From womens and mens options to collections big and small, artistic pendants and traditional carvings, there are a myriad of options when it comes to these designs. This is one of the many reasons why a jade necklace sells well in New Zealand, illustrating the diverse nature of the product line. The shapes, colour tones and textures are unique, allowing community members to find an asset that speaks to their personal interests.

First-Class Customer Service

Customers from all corners of the globe are welcome when it comes to acquiring these products. The jade necklace sells well in New Zealand because brands and businesses understand how important it is to connect the right person with the right piece of jewellery. If there are questions about its authenticity, the merits, the features or the price, then outlets will be happy to point people in the right direction. There is no need for confusion or frustration because the people from the Land of the Long White Cloud are more than hospitable.


The look, feel and significance of these designs will continue to make them hot property. Rather than asking the question about their qualities, it is important to acknowledge that the jade necklace sells well in New Zealand because they deliver so many exceptional features. There is a deeper importance that we have explored, but if a necklace investment is on the agenda, why not explore what these Kiwi outlets have to offer?