If you are a marketer or brand expert who is in the mode of studying what search engine optimisers are discussing, then the name of Google will emerge constantly. Not only is it part of the everyday vernacular and interpreted to mean the activity of searching for something, but it is an outlet that offers a ton of free software tools.


There are other platforms readily available. From Yahoo! To Bing, Baidu and Ask.com, there is no shortage of alternative search engines on offer. However, there is a series of reasons why Google dominates the market as their monopoly ensures that all online marketing messages must be made with their algorithms in mind.


Here we will outline why this service is superior to all others as their list of major features provides a magnificent product all round.

Google Alerts


One of the great aspects of SEO is the ability to tap into trending topics and shifts in a fluctuating market. Yet how are you as a business owner expected to be notified of this type of news without manually visiting bookmarked websites or apps? Google Alerts ensures that you can receive this direct through an RSS reader or an email inbox, no matter the topic or thread of conversation. Talk about keeping your finger on the pulse!

Google Image Search


A larger percentage of search traffic is conducted through images than ever before. The library that is enjoyed by Google far exceeds their competitors, although Bing has optimised this content to a greater degree in order to build their market share. This domain from the brand is comprehensive and allows users to filter their results instantaneously.

Google Adwords


One you have utilised another free tool in the form of the Keyword Planner, then there is Google Adwords to play with. This helps brands who are struggling for organic traction by giving them the parametres to invest in online advertisements in an incredibly targeted fashion. From age to location demographics and beyond, this is a powerful paid search application.

Google Analytics


Providing digital marketers with results is one facet that some brand provide, but detailing data down to the most finite of details is quite another thing altogether. Google Analytics issues conversation topics, conversion rates, engagement data, audience demographics and overall sources of traffic that tells a brand where they have generated their cut-through. Third parties can charge a bundle for this information, yet Google provide it through a free application.